Hay and Pellets For Rabbits

Hay is absolutely essential to your bunny's digestive health. Hay must be offered at least twice per day and should be given in serving sizes that equal twice the size of each rabbit present. BunnyLuv offers a variety of premium grass hays to suit your bunny's individual needs and preferences.

BEFORE YOU ORDER HAY, PLEASE READ: As with all agricultural products, our hay varies in quality from season to season, and batch to batch. All bales are carefully inspected upon delivery and once again as each bale is bagged for individual shipments. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your rabbit will always like each and every batch or variety. We make every effort to supply the best possible product -- if you have any questions about our hay, please let us know.

Premium Oat Hay
Western Timothy Hay
Timothy grass hay with seedheads.
Premium Alfalfa Hay
Rich leafy hay for juvenile rabbits.
Orchard Grass Hay
Soft, green, and fragrant grass hay.
Unprocessed Oat Groats
Candy for your rabbit!
Oxbow "Bunny Basics" Timothy Pellets-
High-quality timothy hay based pellets, ideal for adult rabbits.
$12.00 to $17.00
Oxbow "Bunny Basics" Alfalfa Pellets
Formulated for the dietary needs of young, growing rabbits.
$12.00 to $17.00