"I wanted to let you know that the castle is my rabbit's new favorite place to hide, play and run circles around. We have gotten more laughs from him playing with it, than anything else. It is a great product. Mr. Bula Boy is actively working on remodeling the windows to suit his taste. Thanks!"

"The products I ordered (oat hay, bermuda hay, and a bunny castle) exceeded my expectations. I will definitely shop with BunnyLuv in the future."

"The best thing is that my bunny loves it!! He spends most of his time sat on the top floor looking down at everything!"

"I'm so glad they carry a playhouse (castle) that's actually good for bunnies, i.e. without bleaches, dyes, etc."

"Just wanted to let you know that Spookorz absolutely LOVES his Castle. So much so that, this morning when I let him out of his cage (he only sleeps in it at night), he passed right by his plate of fresh greens, entered the castle and went right to the top floor. I sure am glad you have those things! Spookorz REALLY loves it!"

"I adore seeing two of the foster buns who seem to take special delight in running in, out, around and about. My husband gets tired of hearing me holler "look, look at Brownie peeking through the window." The large NZW, feed store dump bunny, is priceless to watch. She is so young and flys through the castle, into a carpeted tunnel, back through another window. I could watch them all day, Karyne. They are priceless and receiving sooooo much fun from your work of art. Thanks again....."

"I just had to thank you so much for suppling these Bunny Castles...anyway, my guys are insane over their life wasn't complete until the very moment when they layed eyes upon it...( tear, sniff, wipe...!! ) They are soooo're the best"

"The "Castle" arrived yesterday and is the new hit!!! Can't believe that he figured out the stairs in such a short period of time...after all, he's only 11 weeks old and has never seen stairs before. What a hoot!! Who needs TV when you have a bunny????"

"They love their critter castle so much that they have basically remodeled it to death, and now they are moving on to remodeling MY house. Needless to say, I need more critter castles."

"Nice to see great products for our companion rabbits!! They love the critter castle."


"Just a quick note to thank you for throwing in those "Tunnel of Luv" tubes!! They are a huge hit, in addition to the standing favorite and much loved "Castle."

"I received my stuff so quickly. Thanks! The tunnels are a great success."


"Thanks for all your help, & for the followup. Sebastian loves the little hay basket, it's currently detracting somewhat from his cardboard fetish, so I'll probably be ordering again soon."


"The hay is very nicely packaged and an awesome price compared to what you'll find in local pet stores!! Plus it's super fresh! Thanks so much Bunny Luv!!! We'll definitely keep shopping with you!! I love that I'm helping support bunnies in need at your shelter with my purchases also:) Take care!!"

"The bunnies I know who have tried it virtually inhale it, down to the "dust."

"The products I ordered (oat hay, bermuda hay, and a bunny castle) exceeded my expectations. I will definitely shop with BunnyLuv in the future."

"My bunnies really love the baby oat hay! (and they gobbled up the oat blend the last time we got it too)"

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"Just wanted to let you know we rec'd the hay and the chillas went bananas over it! This is the first time ever they finished all their hay overnight! The buns love it too...but they are a little more dignified about it!"

"Wow, you ship out your hay so fast!! I gave her the Oat blend hay first. I placed it in a pile in front of her underneath our bed. She approached the pile cautiously. She then circled the hay several times and observed it from all angles. She then sniffed it and backed away from it. She sniffed it again and backed away. This scenario played itself out a few more times. Then she tasted a tiny little leave from a piece of the Oat Hay and hopped away looking pretty unimpressed. I left the hay underneath the bed and put some in both of her hay boxes and left for work. When I returned home, she had eaten almost all of the hay underneath our bed and some out of each of her boxes!! I'm so happy that she likes it!! She especially likes the paper that was in the box. She hopped over it, around it, under it, through it, dug in it, and finally began to shred it!! She such a silly bunny!! Thanks so much for being so helpful when I called to place our order and for sending the hay samples!! I'm sure we will be calling again soon to place another order!!"


"The customer service at Bunny Luv is always very friendly and helpful. If they are not available to take my call they always return my calls in a very timely manner. I've received tons of great advice and rabbit care tips from Bunny Luv. Kramer (my bunny) and I have been extremely happy with our purchases!"

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